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احصل على ابتسامتك المثالية

املأ النموذج لتحصل على استشارة مجانية


    الماسح الضوئي ثلاثي الأبعاد

    الأشعة السينية ثلاثية الأبعاد

    كاد كام

    تبيض الأسنان

    ابتسامة هوليود

    قبل وبعد

    زراعة الأسنان

    قبل وبعد

    ابتسامة هوليود

    قبل وبعد

    زراعة الأسنان

    قبل وبعد

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    عيادات دينتاكاي في اسطنبول

    تأسست عيادات دينتاكاي عام 2009 في اسطنبول – تركيا، لتصبح أحد الوجهات الرئيسية للعديد من الأشخاص الباحثين عن خدمات طب وتجميل الأسنان حول العالم، وذلك بسبب تقديم إجراءات علاجية متكاملة للأسنان وبأعلى جودة

    خدماتنا المميزة

    إقامة راقية

    إقامة فاخرة في فنادق 5 نجوم طوال فترة علاجك

    مواصلات فاخرة

    سائق خاص لنقلك من وإلى المطار والفندق والمستشفى

    مترجم خاص

    مترجمون فوريون محترفون ضليعون بمختلف اللغات لتسهيل التواصل

    صور أشعة

    تقنيات أخذ الصور الشعاعية البانورامية للفك والأسنان

    ابتسامة صحية وجمالية

    عند إجرائك هوليود سمايل في دينتاكاي ستضمن حصولك على أسنان لامعة وقوية للأبد، وذلك بسبب الخبرة الكبيرة للأطباء والجودة العالية للمواد المستخدمة

    تتميز قشور الفينير بالقدرة على إخفاء كل عيوب الأسنان وإعطائها شكل مميز ولون طبيعي، كما تتميز تيجان الزيركون بقدرة كبيرة على تعويض الأسنان التالفة وإعادة الابتسامة إلى حالتها المثالية


    بالإضافة إلى أن تيجان الإيماكس تتميز بشفافيتها العالية وقوتها، فهي تعطي مظهر طبيعي للأسنان وتجعل الابتسامة جذّابة.


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    Joanne MortonJoanne Morton
    13:02 02 Sep 22
    I came to Dentakay from Canada to get a new smile . The service was amazing and I was treated awesome. Dentists and assistant know English and we’re very helpful. Everyone treated me kind and was always helpful. Hotel and drivers were included in my package . I got 7 Swiss implants and a bone graft and it was pretty much painless. I highly recommend making a trip to turkey if you need Extensive dental work like I did . I’ll be back in 6 months to finish with my implants .EDITI came back for my second visit from Canada and now have a full mouth of beautiful teeth . They’re are all amazing here and great ppl . Clean office and great dentist . Almost pain free for a full mouth make over . And the best prices . If you need a holiday and some teeth were done I highly recommend coming here .
    Shirley VellaShirley Vella
    10:21 29 Aug 22
    Pleased with the result and staff. Clinic is very clean. Doctor knows her work well and is very attentive. Personally I feel I had too much work in so little time as I had a lot of work to be done. Appointments can be changed at anytime. Coordination could be much better. Transport sometimes leaves you waiting for a long time.After 1 week pain a d soreness has eased. But can feel a loose tooth the inside of the gum. Now I have 6 months to go back and continue treatment.2nd visit all done now , had some rework that had to be done and crowns fitted on implants . Thanks to the doctor and interpreters for all the good work they do.
    faris Albaajfaris Albaaj
    13:01 09 Apr 22
    Wow this is the best experience I've had done to my teeth. Very happy with the outcome and the results were great. I've been dreaming to have a this smile for the longest and honestly hey did the best job you can possibly get. You will never regret coming here and experience it your self they are very professional from there drivers to the hotel to the clinic and the dental staff were great. Thank you so much Dentakay for the great results. I will never stop smiling 😃 now. God bless
    Moti ElmaliahMoti Elmaliah
    09:02 21 Jan 22
    After seeing my friend's teeth, I instantly asked him who performed such fantastic work for him, and he said Dentakay from Istanbul. I contacted Dentakay directly through WhatsApp, and they answered immediately with an estimate for my teeth. I traveled from Los Angeles to Istanbul, and I've had the impression that I'm in excellent hands ever since I arrived. The doctors and their assistants are very professional, and the whole clinic staff is kind and welcoming. The hotel and transportation are both five-star and are included in your package.I'd want to express my gratitude to everyone at the clinic. I am pleased with the ultimate outcome and would suggest it to everyone!!!
    Mario FalzoMario Falzo
    12:36 27 Feb 21
    The minute I made contact with the clinic I received a5 star attention. We were met at the airport and all transfers from hotel to clinic were on time. We were met at the clinic by a committed staff who were all the time by our side for any help that were required. The treatment was very professional from start to finish. I would not hesitate to recommend the clinic to anyone wanting to have a brilliant smile

    احصل على ابتسامتك المثالية

    املأ النموذج لتصحل على استشارة مجانية

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