what you need

1. Headline

For every 10 people 7 people will bounce off the page, we should make people know and understand everything within seconds of arriving using a headline that clarify our offer

2. Image

An image that represent your target audience. The image should show them how they will feel once receive your offer.

3. Write compelling copy

It need to be a clear copy, and speaks directly to the visitor by using “you”, “your” to make them feel engaged.

4. A form that easy to access

The form should be either stick on the page on scroll or first section or to click a button to scroll to it.

5. Add CTA

The cta should be clear and we should highlight the focused keywords that tells people what to do examples: “submit”, “download”, “get it now”

6. give away a relevant offer

your offer doesn’t need to just be compelling, but it also need to be relevant to your business

7. only ask for what you need

the amount of info you need to gather from your leads are depend on the following factors:


  1. how well acquainted they are with you
  2. where they are in their buyer’s journey
  3. how much they trust you.

8. make your page responsive

9. optimize for search

to optimize the page for search and paid campaings


Most landing pages follow a very similar structure,

you can infuse your creativity through branded elements and images, but stick to a landing page format that people are used to seeing.


A good landing page has five elements:


  1. Headline that grabs the visitors attention
  2. Relevant image that is relevant to your audience
  3. Lead form that sits above the fold to capture visitors’ information
  4. CTA that is action-oriented and compelling
  5. Copy and description that informs your visitor to complete your form

Landing page layout

  • Keep the most important information above the fold.
  • Perform a blink test on your page.
  • Use white space
  • Write short paragraphs
  • show testimonial 

click triggers

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Easy unsubscribe
  • Quote from a successful or happy customer
  • Blurb on “what to expect”
  • Price slashing
  • Privacy policy